As you local fencing company, BN Fencing installed this larch lap fence

Your Local Fencing Company

You can totally transform your property with a new fence as there are now a stunning range wide range of new fencing options to suit every budget.

BN Fencing have extensive experience in advising, supplying and erecting all types of fencing from larch lap garden panels to high security fencing such as steel palisade. So whether you are looking to spruce up your garden, repair an old fence or some of the panels or perhaps provide added security for a property at BN Fencing our experienced team can help.

As your local fencing company, BN Fencing will have an idea as to the right garden fence and garden gate that suits you and your budget.

We will also offer  free objective advice to customers with several options on style and cost. You choose the garden fencing and gate to suit your taste and pocket.